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"The Rutland"
offers the ultimate in
quality and efficiency for
increased comfort in
the home..........
......and ITS 100% 


Rutland OPUS 16 showing Sparkguard
fitted (included)

Rutland OPUS 16 into Stone Fireplace

Suppliers of 

"The Rutland"
Super Efficient
Open Inset Convector

Now Available
With Removable
on 16" and 24" model

The Rutland "Opus"

To fit any Standard British opening 
of 16" wide x 22" high Like This....

16" Standard British opening
Before OPUS

Rutland OPUS 16 Fitted


16" 1275 inc VAT
24" 1650 inc vat

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The Rutland OPUS 16 
 in Action

Cut-away veiw

Rutland OPUS 16 showing  Door ON

Rutland OPUS 16 with Clip-on Spark guard

  "The Rutland" features :

*  Full optional "Made to Measure" sizes!
  (including Templating to Archway
-see pictures left & below)
  Adjustable flue  damper (to shut down flue when not in use).
*  Double side walls. (convection chambers)
*  Coal grate with replaceable cast iron inserts
Wood burning tray with hand forged log retainer 
      or modern log retainer (picture left)
*  Safe hook-on sparkguard.
Superior matt black, high temperature finish.


Standard Rutland Dimensions Page. and prices
  The Rutland is a double Skinned
spaceheater which recouperates
heat normally lossed up the chimney, convecting warm air throughout the room.

  This is achieved by the skillfully designed heat exchanger within the double walls.



 " The Rutland " :

*  Maximises the heat from any fuel.
Warms the whole room.
Cures most smoke problems.
Easy to install into any fireplace - old or new.
Maintenance free.
Easy access to sweep chimney.

  Rutland 'Specials' are 'Made to Measure' to individual requirements to fit existing feature fireplaces.

Marble fireplaces.
*  Adam surrounds.
Victorian cast iron surrounds.
Stone or Brick fireplaces.
Hole-in-the-wall features.


Individual fitting requirements catered for:

Flue gathers, straight or staggered
Adapters to suit any liner.
Lintels, arched or straight.
Sub-frames for easy fitting.
Air supply plinths.


"Everyone loves a crackling
open fire, but nobody likes the In-efficiency!"
Enter......."The Rutland"
Exit........"All the usual Open Fire problems"

No more Total heat loss.
No more Down draughts when not lit (closable damper inside)
No more Safety issues (comes complete with Clip-on spark guard)
No more Smoke into the room (when correctly sized unit installed)

Shown above - Rutland OPUS 16 With Door ON


Rutland Dimensions Page. and prices