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     Jan fixing  Register plate                               Mike Laying Solid Slate hearth


All the installations of our stoves are carried out by our fully qualified
"In House" installers, (Jan & Mike)  not sub-contracted to an anonymous builder in your area !

After Visiting the Showroom and choosing a stove or fireplace, the Installer will call at your house to measure up for your stove installation, checking that the stove will fit, checking for flue and air supply problems, and advising you on any extra work that may need to be carried out. (All Fireplace & Chimney work can be carried out by us including re-lining the chimney, if required)

Jan Re-lining a tall chimney, Market Harborough  2007

Our Installer will manufacture the register plate for your chimney using the dimensions taken from the initial visit. (The Register plate sits up inside the chimney to blank off the flue and to form a connection to the flue pipe on the stove.

We do not use cut down bits of fibre board as register plates, instead they are made of steel with pipe adapters and soot doors all welded in the correct place for your particular installation.

After we have confirmed the price of the installation with you (which is normally a set price regardless of stove chosen, unless we are doing any chimney or fireplace work) we will give you a fitting date to suit you, normally within 14days.

On completion of the installation all you need to do is pay the outstanding sum to the fitter and Light the fire !!


Here are just a few of our Fitted stoves


Morso O8 fitted by Jan & Mike 2007

                  Stovax Stockton 5                              Morso Owl (short leg option)
 (This Stockton 5 picture from our installation
 in Claybrooke Magna, is now being used Nationally
 by OTHER Online retailers as their advert for the
 Stockton 5 - WITHOUT permission, I might add!)

                     Dovre 2000                                                 Dovre 700

Here is a "Before" - "During " & "After" Fireplace Alteration

(a slate surround and broken Cast insert)

(note the Thermocrete "pour down" liner that was in situ,
that we had to be very sympathetic to, to avoid damage)

After renovating the original fireplace opening, we layed a solid slate
hearth, and installed a superb Morso Badger multifuel stove.
This picture shows the fireplace waiting for a coat of paint onto the new
plaster and new wood skirting to be fitted up to the slate.